Friday, March 4, 2016

Change Apex 5 Interactive Report Column Width

Here is how to change the column width on the Apex 5 Interactive Report:

1. Give a static id for the report: for example, in the Static ID field, say DD
2. Give a static id for the column you want to change width: for example, give it RR
3. Repeat 2 if you have multiple columns you want to change the size
3. in the page inline section, put this in

    #DD td[headers=RR]{min-width:300px}
    #DD td[headers=TT]{min-width:200px}
    #DD td[headers=YY]{min-width:200px}

 in this case, I wanted to change 3 columns

Thant's it!


  1. thanks - this was the only way it worked for me ... however i will say i do not have a StaticID field on the column - I used the column name as the Static ID and it worked just fine meaning that [headers=columnname] would work as well ...but thanks!

  2. where is the page inline section?